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Astralux 1000 - Blinds in Healthcare

The Astralux 1000 Vertical blinds system offers several benefits in healthcare environments.

- Superior Coverage: Astralux vertical blinds are designed to cover windows better than regular curtains, providing enhanced privacy and light control. Available in 5 meter lengths and compatible with a wide range of fabrics to match windows of any shape, ensuring a seamless fit and effective shading.

- Easy Maintenance: Astralux 1000 blinds are easy to clean and require little to no maintenance . They can be easily wiped down or dusted, making them a convenient option for healthcare facilities that prioritise cleanliness and infection control.

- Light Control: The Astralux 1000 blind allows for precise control over the amount of natural light entering a space. This is especially important in healthcare environments where controlling light levels can contribute to patient wellbeing and recovery.

- Privacy: In healthcare settings, patient privacy is crucial. Our vertical blinds offer excellent privacy control by allowing adjustments of the tilt angle of the vanes. This enables and maintains privacy without completely blocking off the view.

- Durability: The Astralux 1000 vertical system is known for it's durability and longevity. Made from high-quality materials designed to withstand the rigorous demands of a healthcare environment, including frequent opening and closing, and regular sanitisation.

By choosing the Astralux 1000 vertical system for healthcare environments, facilities can benefit from improved privacy, light control, ease of maintenance, and durability, contributing to a comfortable and functional space for patients and staff alike.


If you’re working on a healthcare project and looking for a product that is reliable, functional and adheres to infection control, give our team a call. We will provide you with specification details and support from start to finish.


t. 0161 872 7642

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