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Vertical Blind System

The Astralux 1000 Vertical Blind System is designed for use in commercial environments where ease of operation, low maintenance and durability are required.


This solar shading system consists of an aluminium headrail with flame retardant fabric louvres. The louvres can be tilted to accurately attenuate the amount of light entering the space.


  • Wheeled travellers on the headrail ensures positive and smooth control

  • Self-aligning louvres to give a consistent look every time

  • Universal fixing options means that virtually every installation option is covered

  • 89mm and 127mm wide louvres makes this blind suitable for most window types

  • Extensive range of fabrics to suit heat, light and decorative requirements

vertical louvre blind link chain astralux dearnleys blinds
healthcare hospital blinds vertical louvre astralux 1000 wand operated obscura blackout fabric
astralux 1000 vertical louvre blind wand operated obscura fabric healthcare medical centre wipe clean
Astralux 1000 Vertical Louvre Blind with Performance Fabric Blackout Dimout Blockout Screen
Astralux 1000 Tessera Screen Fabric and 89 127
Electric Operation
From a simple switch through to fully automatic control via environmental sensors and links to BMS controls.
Mono Control
A single bead chain both tilts the slats and draws the blind.
Child safety devices provided.
Gear Operation
A gearbox with a fixed or detachable
crank handle both tilts and draws the slats.
Cord & Chain Operation
The traditional operating method of a vertical blind where the slats are tilted by the chain and drawn by cords. Child safety options available.
Wand Control
A wand fitted to the leading slat is used to push/pull the blind into position and twisting the wand tilts the slats.
Curved Headrails
Headrails hand shaped for curved glazing such as bay windows.
Arched Headrail
Headrails hand shaped for arched windows.
Suitable for shaped and sloping glazing.
The Astralux 1000 Vertical Blind System is available with an extensive range of fabrics and colours including; anti-microbial, dim-out, black-out, energy saving, heat reflective.
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