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Barrow Sixth Form College


Barrow In Furness Sixth Form College.

Barrow Sixth Form College, part of Furness College, is in the outskirts of Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. Here we installed over 75 Astralux systems ranging between the Astralux 3000 and Astralux 4010 roller blind systems. 

Incorporating the Astralux 3000 double bracket system allows for excellent light and glare control in the newly refurbished facility.

We installed:

 - 69 Astralux 3000 Roller Blinds with Tessera Screen Fabric

 - 7 Astralux 4010 Framed Roller Blinds with Obscura Fabric


Installing blinds in a school can greatly enhance the learning environment while providing both functional and aesthetic benefits. With the right selection and proper installation of blinds, natural light can be effectively controlled, creating a comfortable and focused atmosphere for students and educators alike.

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