Infants get big blinds

23 Apr 2014

Rooflights are great for natural lighting but often the heat and light gain can be too great and adversely affect the space and the people within it.

Such was the case at Cheadle Catholic Infants School in Greater Manchester until Pentel Contracts came to the rescue. Pentel are one of the most experienced installers of roof blind systems in the UK with blinds in excess to 70m2, so this school hall was a relatively simple job.

The solution was to fit 6 number Astralux 5000 tensioned roller blind systems, operated by a remote control. The blinds are held under tension so can be stopped in any position and will automatically switch off when fully extended or fully closed.

Pentel liaised with the electrical contractor to ensure appropriate feeds were provided for the motors which are fully enclosed in the blind system itself. No wiring was needed for the controls as this was all done by radio controlled switches.

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