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Pentel shades iconic Manchester building

8 Aug 2015
Manchester One is a new name for an 80m high office block which when constructed in 1962 was one of the tallest in the UK. Although no longer a winner in the height stakes…

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Pentel Contracts certified to ISO

6 Dec 2014
Pentel Contracts has been certified to three international standards which is an important external recognition that the systems the company has in place are appropriate and…

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Agile Pentel provide blinds for Agility Logistics

7 Jul 2014
Agility Logistics is a global company with revenues of nearly $5bn, over 20,000 staff and is expanding rapidly. To help cope with expansion a new office was developed in Speke…

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Academy blinded by the light

20 Jun 2014
When you knock down two schools and build a brand new £40m Academy to house over 1,700 pupils you just want the best environment you can create. There are many studies…

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Manchester Central gets zipped up by Pentel

5 May 2014
Manchester Central, is a flexible conference, meeting and exhibition venue right in the heart of Manchester. This iconic building has an extensive range of conference and…

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Infants get big blinds

23 Apr 2014
Rooflights are great for natural lighting but often the heat and light gain can be too great and adversely affect the space and the people within it. Such was the case at…

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